Facility Condition Assessment

Measuring the health of your assets and facilities

2.5 million+
square feet assessed
facilities assessed
in facilities assessed

Analyzing current conditions for future use planning

A Facility Condition Assessment is an evaluation of the health of your assets and facilities to help stakeholders accurately plan their capital investment targets.

When starting a Facility Condition Assessment, the most important step is meeting with key stakeholders and establishing clear expectations for the goal of the assessment. Once expectations are clear, the PROCEDEO team will work to streamline the physical assessment data gathering activities through the use of technology.

The assessment process itself involves walking through every square foot of the facility inclusive of the above ceiling space, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, roofs and exterior areas. After gathering all the data, we filter through and organize all data captured at the site. From there, our team will work on the cost estimating function of the assessment to provide current day costs for all items. Next, our team will sit with the client to share our findings and start working on the project prioritization and planning steps.

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