Aligning Our Vision with Your Goals

PROCEDEO utilizes our proprietary Operational Excellence initiative to provide solutions that achieve total alignment with the client’s goals

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Guiding You Forward

At PROCEDEO, our guiding principle is to serve as your trusted advisor in Program and Construction Management. Every team member is passionate about earning the trust of you and your community as we implement a unified vision to help you achieve success. With a culture of trust and collaboration, combined with our proprietary Operational Excellence Initiative, PROCEDEO and its team oversee a full portfolio of capital projects from conception to completion, providing best-in-class service every step of the way. No matter the project, we are always in total alignment with your goals, needs, and desires.

The Foundation of PROCEDEO

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Who We Are

A Company Built on Trust

Tracing our history back to 1937, PROCEDEO and its team members have kept its core values of honesty, hard work, and open communication alive and well. Today, by remaining true to our roots, we have evolved into a thriving, nationwide company.

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What We Do

A Company of Industry Experts

PROCEDEO is a national leader in Program and Construction Management, alternative project delivery methods, and cutting-edge construction technology. We oversee full portfolios of capital projects from conception to completion.

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How We Serve

A Company Committed to Integrity

Recognized as an Accredited Management Organization by the Institute of Real Estate Management, we adhere to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, transparency, and ethics. We are a diverse company dedicated to positively impacting communities.

Leaders in Community Engagement

PROCEDEO builds local relationships while maintaining a national presence.

Local Engagement
PROCEDEO employees and teaming partners are part of the local communities we serve. We are always committed to using a local workforce to support local economies, markets, and neighborhoods.

National Resources
We have a long history of serving clients all across the U.S. while using our extensive internal resources to continue developing the latest technology and safety solutions. Coupled with our high standards of success, we always strive to bring innovative business solutions to you, our client.

Trade Associations

For a company to excel in any industry, it must be built on a solid foundation of partnerships.