Cost Estimating

Client-focused cost control and financial accountability

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Planning budgets and maintaining them over the lifetime of a construction project

Managing cost on a construction project begins well before any construction activity starts. Our client-focused cost control methods begin with establishing an accurate benchmark of costs to create a project budget. Our team establishes financial accountability as it relates to managing the cost control for our clients’ projects.

Benchmark Project Budgets

We combine historical cost data, as well as information from industry experts, and past experiences to establish accurate project budgets for your scope of work.  We create accountability throughout a project by establishing the correct project budget early in the process and then use other cost control measures to monitor and maintain the budget.

Change Order Analysis

Change is inevitable on your construction projects and PROCEDEO will provide a thorough change order analysis to which provides client satisfaction. Our team validates all aspects of the change, negotiates with the trade partners and creates a transparent process where you’re provided with all the details, including

  • Historical cost database
  • Dashboard financial reporting
  • Variance tracking

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

So you see the full financial impact of each building system when deciding between building new, renovating, or replacing various component of a facility, we compile and analyze the lifecycle costs of the owners’ systems with respect to initial investment, annual costs and salvage value.

  • Cost and quantity modeling (BIM)
  • Procurement
  • Market trends analysis

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