Washoe County School District Bond Program

PROCEDEO works as a construction manager with Washoe County School District in Nevada, as part of a bond program to relieve overcrowding.

middle schools
$1 billion
bonding capacity by 2025


  • 64,000 students

The Washoe County School District (WCSD), situated in the north western side of Nevada, is the second largest school district in the state spanning over 6,500 square miles and serving over 64,000 K-12 students. For several decades leading up to 2016, WCSD was operating with very limited financial resources which only allowed allocating funding toward deferred maintenance and a small amount of revitalization projects to existing campuses. No new schools had been built in the district in almost two decades leaving WCSD schools severely overcrowded.

In 2016, the voters of Washoe County passed the WC-1 bond measure. This landmark funding provided WCSD with almost $1B in bonding capacity by 2025. WCSD leadership had done their due diligence and had provided a road map to construct 17 new schools including two high school addition/modernization projects, three new greenfield high schools, three new greenfield middle schools, nine new greenfield elementary schools, and various other school repairs and expansions.

WCSD initiated a Capital Funding Oversight Protection Committee to give the voters assurance that the community tax dollars were wisely and efficiently utilized. The WCSD Capital Projects staff was suddenly faced with a tidal wave of capital projects requirements, and their limited staff resources simply couldn’t manage all aspects of the project procurement and construction.



  • Construction work valued at $203.4 million

In 2019, WCSD hired PROCEDEO to augment their capital projects staff on their first design-bid-build middle school project, Arrowcreek Middle School with a construction contract valued at $73.4 million. PROCEDEO acted as a construction manager to represent WCSD’s interest in the project. Our staff included one full-time construction manager and two full-time field engineers oversaw all elements of the project, including document management oversight, plan and specification compliance, cost management and verification, schedule management and verification, and communication flow.

In 2020, WCSD again hired PROCEDEO to augment their capital projects staff on a multi-phased active campus renovation and additional CMAR project at Swope Middle School with a construction contract valued at $30+ million. This project is currently entering phase 2 of 4, and PROCEDEO is serving as the construction manager facilitating all of the tasks noted above as well as coordinate communication with Swope Middle School staff to ensure minimal impact to school operations.



PROCEDEO’s detailed and organized approach coupled with our collaborative culture fostered a solution-oriented team environment between WCSD, their design partners, and the general contractor. Our team has successfully partnered with these various stakeholders by acting as the “hub of the wheel” to ensure each of the WCSD projects we serve on are completed on time and on budget.

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